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baby Elo


After the success of its big sister (more than 30,000 copies sold in less than a year), the Elo lamp is now available in a small format. 


A lamp that bears witness to an era, Elo plays with appearances by putting light in a bottle and abolishing the boundaries between inside and outside.


Designed by Bina Baitel, it diffuses a low and efficient light, without dazzling the guests.

Nomadic and autonomous, ELO lamps are designed to be moved around, as comfortable indoors as on terraces or in gardens. Equipped with a detachable ring, they can be used suspended on a balcony or even a branch, to enjoy a very effective direct lighting with up to 40 hours of autonomy.


Available in 3 colors (kaki, black, midnight blue)


POWER                                                                   CONTROL

Built-in LED / 0,8W /                                              Touch Dimmer


COLOR TEMPERATURE                                        AUTONOMY

Warm White : 2700k                                               8 to 40 hours

WATERPROOF                                                       POWER CABLE

IP44                                                                          USB-C (included)

WEIGHT (KG)                                                          DIMENSIONS

0,2                                                                            ø. 7 x H. 22 cm


From €28,90

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