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ASO TOUR DE FRANCE 2021 x Designerbox

One year after our first collaboration for the Tour de France 2020, ASO, organizer of the Tour, wanted to thank once again all its partners and guests present at the arrival of the competition on the Champs Elysees.

Wishing to offer an embodied and memorable attention to its partners, ASO called upon Designerbox to imagine a successful and lasting gift experience.

ASO opted for a personalized box containing a "Talweg" pouch, imagined especially for the occasion by the Designerbox design studio, which was offered to partners and guests at the arrival of the Tour on the Champs Elysées!

Designerbox develops an elegant eco-responsible packaging with a carrying handle in the image and colors of the competition. The tray is also accompanied by a flyer explaining the artisanal and eco-responsible approach to manufacturing the product.

Compact and nomadic accessory, TALWEG will accompany everywhere the happy recipients of this gift. In the office, in the home office, and even on a trip, the tray can be carried everywhere thanks to its thinness and its light weight.

The object was made of solid beech wood bio-sourced, in Portugal by the best craftsmen. This versatile tray will welcome in its center, pencils, felt pens or scissors, thanks to its light relief, while playing on perspective effects with its two grooves cleverly positioned on both sides of the pocket to welcome your business cards.

And for the anecdote, "TALWEG" is a term which corresponds to the line formed by the points having the lowest altitude in a valley or in the bed of a river. In the case of this plateau, it represents an assumed wink to the stages of the Tour de France!


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