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Banque Populaire Val de France x Designerbox

A personalized thank you to all promoter clients.

Banque Populaire is a cooperative bank and is part of the second largest banking group in France.

To thank its customers in a lasting way, the Banque Populaire Val de France wished to create a personalized gift box with a theme around the art of living and the house.

With this in mind, Designerbox proposed a personalized gift box with a set of four coffee cups (2 black and 2 white) designed by the Designerbox Studio, with a BARQ tray designed to hold them.

Eager to innovate and to mark the occasion in an original way, the Banque Populaire wanted to have the gift boxes delivered to a point in their logistics center, in order to distribute each of the boxes personally to their customers. The opportunity to create a special and lasting link with their customers.

The box is delivered in a wooden box with the Banque Populaire Val de France logo and a personalized thank you note.

The operation will take place throughout the year 2022 with a hand delivery directly to the customer. The Banque Populaire has a storage facility in its logistics center in order to have control over the withdrawal and distribution of these boxes.

Thanks to this box, Banque Populaire Val de France innovates in the experience of corporate gift, while making its customers its best ambassadors.

"The box was well received, it is very nice and qualitative ;) We wanted to enrich our customer gift range with something qualitative, elegant and durable and Designerbox was able to offer me this product that perfectly met our expectations."

Magaly Dassonville, Project Manager - Banque Populaire Val de France


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