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ASO Tour de France 2020 x Designerbox

ASO, organizer of the Tour de France, wishes to thank all its partners and guests present at the arrival on the Champs Elysées of the greatest cycling competition in the world.

To mark the spirits and to be part of an eco-responsible approach, ASO wishes to offer a handcrafted and sustainable gift around the art of living.

Designerbox suggested a number of products to ASO, who finally decided on a set of 4 handcrafted cups personalized with the colors of the Tour de France.

Designerbox also developed a stylish eco-responsible packaging with a black ribbon that serves as a handle and holds a "Tour de France" label. The 4 cups are also accompanied by a mini flyer explaining the artisanal and eco-responsible approach.

By opting for usefulness, design, originality and the eco-responsible nature of the products offered, ASO is resolutely in line with the most important criteria today for gift recipients.


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