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3 gift ideas for a memorable customer experience.

Need an original, useful and lasting gift idea? Instead of focusing on a particular product, start by choosing a theme, a place, a moment. This will be a great way to offer an unforgettable experience to your customers and a way to share the daily life of your customers.

Designerbox invites you to discover 3 memorable gift ideas that are sure to surprise your customers and increase their satisfaction rate tenfold so that they talk about you around them.


Share a friendly moment with your customers!

Well-rooted in French culture, the moment of the family meal or between friends is organized according to a well-practiced ceremonial. From the aperitif, to the appetizer, to the coffee, getting together around a glass of wine, a good dish or a coffee, is a very French must that many of our neighbors rightly envy.

Offering a nice set of coffee cups, a tray, a carafe, an aperitif set, is inviting your customers to share a moment of conviviality with their loved ones. It is to contribute to make this moment of the day, a moment of exception and remain present in the spirit of your customers daily.

Like the high-end real estate network ARCHIK, opt for this COFFEE TIME box that can be used at home or in the office with its 6 cups and its natural oak tray.

Discover other friendly gift ideas with the BREAKFAST box chosen by the Caisse d'Épargne.


Enlighten your customers on a daily basis!

At nightfall, next to the bed or in the living room, lights or candleholders remain a must-have in decoration, as in life. Well beyond the simple function of lighting, a light always and still embodies a certain magic. Just like a fireplace or a campfire that warms up an atmosphere and encourages conviviality, offering a light means offering a benevolent presence to your customers or employees every day.

Like one of the largest French real estate agency networks, which has given one as a gift to all of its franchisees, the ELO wireless lamp will help light up your customers or employees both indoors and outdoors, a good way to rediscover the pleasures of an outdoor aperitif after the restrictions of 2020.

Discover other bright and upscale gift ideas such as the Précieuse DIY box or the MATTER candleholder/photophore chosen by the designer PERENE for its sponsorship program.


Accompany your customers to the office!

Telecommuting, co-working, multi-office, ... never has the work environment been so much in the headlines. Why not join the movement and contribute to improve the living environment of workers with a new, practical and original office accessory. Offering an accessory that contributes to the successful aesthetics of an office means being present to your customers or employees on a daily basis and throughout the week.

Choose the LETS WORK box with its pencil and the TALWEG card holders and pocket trays made of certified European wood

Designerbox Tip:

75% of customers remember the gift when the attention is personalized*.

Beyond the choice of product, consider the packaging and come up with an inspirational note that connects you, the theme, and the customer (Designerbox is there for that too!).

And don't forget that more than 70% of people who receive a product with a logo on it consider it more like advertising than a gift*.

So go easy on the size and placement of the logo unless your name is Dior, Gucci or Nike 😉

Need more tips? Contact us!

*(KNACK business gifting strategy report 2020)


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