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GUY HOQUET x Designerbox

Celebrate Saint-Guy with all Guy Hoquet franchisees, employees and customers.

Guy Hoquet, one of the largest real estate networks in France, called upon Designerbox to celebrate Saint Guy's Day on June 12th with all of its franchisees, employees and customers.

With this in mind, Designerbox offered them a personalized gift box that will brighten up the summer for all the lucky recipients of this gift.

Conquered by the panel of original, useful and eco-responsible decoration products proposed by Designerbox, Guy Hoquet opted for a personalized packaging containing the Elo lamp, best-seller of Designerbox, in blue color as a wink to the universe of the brand...

The lamp is accompanied by a double-sided flyer outlining the lamp's features and specifications, as well as a message from the Guy Hoquet president to the lucky recipients of this gift to celebrate St. Guy's Day and spread a symbolic message, especially during this difficult health crisis.

Designerbox is in charge of the whole process of production and sending the boxes to each of the beneficiaries and employees in close collaboration with Guy Hoquet.

With a powerful light intensity that can be adjusted at the touch of a fingertip and an autonomy of up to 10 hours, Elo is a condensed version of the best in technology. Ultra-light, weather resistant and non-glare, Elo remains true to Designerbox's values of practical, user-centered design that is accessible to all.

The brand also wanted to share the experience with the general public by running a contest on its Facebook and Instagram social networks. 40 blue Elo lamps were raffled off to 40 lucky people.

The shippings were conducted directly by Designerbox after receiving the list of lucky winners.

Testimonials received from the contest winners

"Thank you Guy Hoquet for this magical lamp by Designerbox" /

"Thank you Guy Hoquet for this Designerbox nugget "


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