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Archik x Designerbox

Celebrating each real estate transaction with a little personalized attention is the choice Archik has made to thank its clients for their trust.

Archik is a Parisian real estate agency that puts architecture at the heart of real estate.

In order to thank its clients in a sustainable way, the agency wished to create a personalized gift box with a theme around the art of living and the house.

With this in mind, Designerbox proposed a personalized gift box with a set of four coffee cups designed by Designerbox Studio and a BARQ tray to hold them.

Contrary to the disposable and consumable, the Coffee Time box is useful and durable in order to mark the occasion in an original way and create a special bond between the agency and its customers.

The box is delivered in a wooden box with the Archik logo and a personalized thank you note addressed to the client who receives it.

The operation takes place throughout the year thanks to the implementation of a delivery system made by Designerbox. The logistical aspect is facilitated by the storage system entirely managed by Designerbox.

Thanks to this box, Archik makes its customers its best ambassadors, and accompanies them during their daily moments of relaxation.


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