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Mobalpa x Designerbox

A personalized thank you to all MOBALPA's promoter clients.

MOBALPA is a pioneer company in the home furnishing market.

The 70 years of experience of the brand in France and abroad give it a unique know-how. In order to maintain and reinforce a relationship as close as possible to its customers, MOBALPA celebrates its promoter customers one month after the installation of their kitchen by offering them a surprise gift box themed "kitchen".

MOBALPA wishes to increase the perceived value of the surprise gift box offered and wishes to outsource its management.

Designerbox, offers a personalized, qualitative gift box, with a decanter/vase in the brand's colors and a packaging/flyer developed for the occasion. A useful object that lasts and appropriate messages and attentions.

Designerbox in close collaboration with MOBALPA takes care of the entire production process and sends the boxes to each client every month.

One month after each installation, Designerbox will send the customized box designed hand in hand with MOBALPA to the brand's promoting customers containing:

-The Leo Ferdinand decanter/vase in an exclusive edition for MOBALPA

-A quality editorial content highlighting the product as well as a specific content on MOBALPA, its news,...

-A personalized cardboard with the customer's name

-A customized packaging with MOBALPA's colors.

"Thank you for your support in setting up this beautiful and qualitative welcome pack! Our clients are happy and so are we!"

- Customer Experience Manager

Several thousand customers have already had the pleasure of receiving this personalized attention from MOBALPA.

"This is what I found in my mailbox! And inside....this lovely designer vase! 😍 What a great surprise from the Mobalpa store where I bought my kitchen a few months ago! I couldn't help but share this to thank them and commend them for their professionalism at all times 👍🏻💝 #mobalpa" 👍🏻💝

Mobalpa's Customer


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