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Novotel x Designerbox

The Novotel Montparnasse hotel of the Accor group plans to welcome its customers with a gift when they arrive in their room. The object must be easy to carry, of good quality/price ratio, and useful to the final consumer.

Designerbox offers a box in a tube containing a citrus press Picardie 5.5 design studio and surrounded by a pretty black ribbon with the logo of the hotel and a small message dedicated.

The object is useful and fun and guests can test it almost immediately.

The hotel provides its guests with fresh oranges, which makes for an instant and memorable experience.

By opting for a long-lasting and useful welcome gift that embodies the values of the establishment and that guests will remember for a long time, the Novotel hotel innovates and distinguishes itself from the majority of its colleagues who offer classic and consumable gifts.


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